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Exodus 11

Exodus 11 is a very short chapter and has God coming to the end of His patience with Pharaoh.  There have been nine plagues to date – and progressively Pharaoh has moved closer to giving in to God’s desire to have His people set free to worship Him.  But now the heat will be turned up.  “Yet one plague more I will bring upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt…. every firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die….there shall be a great cry  throughout all the land”.  Enough is enough.  This time the plague will be very personal to Pharaoh and every family in Egypt.

God tells Moses this one will work.  Not the mere threat of the plague – Pharaoh is still going to be stubborn.  “Pharaoh will not listen to you, that my wonders may be multiplied in the land of Egypt”.  And God’s mission is not changing – He will bring Pharaoh into submission and an awareness that God is who He says He is.  You would think by now that Pharaoh would realize that what Moses says happens.  But pride is a very hard thing for us to let go of.  And Pharaoh has drank his own Kool-Aid and believes he is in control.

Go tells Moses what will happen once these first born are killed.  “Afterward he will let you go…..when he lets you go…..he will drive you away completely”.  Not only will Pharaoh let you go this time Moses.  He will chase you out.  He will want you as far away as possible because this plague will cut him to the heart.  This plague will strike him intimately.  This plague will make him see that God is God.  First time we have heard this.  We are down to show time.

Moses delivers the message and as expected, Pharaoh’s heart is hardened.  But this time Moses delivered a blazing message.  “And he went out from Pharaoh in  hot anger”.  Moses is tired of the game.  He has had enough.  He knows this is the last chapter.  He has spoken truth and now God will deliver the final blow that will finally set the people free.  Moses is mad.  His message has a little extra to it this time.  God’s truth must be listened to.  We would do well to remember that in our own lives too!

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