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Genesis 15

 Genesis 15 is where we pick up on our walk through the Old Testament chronologically.  We took a detour to the book of Job, but now resume in the life of Abram.  “The word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision”.   Does God speak to you?  Whether you realize it or not, He does.  Maybe not the way He spoke to Abram, but God is speaking to us continually.  We need to learn how to listen and hear Him.  We need to be aware of His leading and direction.  We need to be sensitive to His Spirit.  God is speaking – the only real question is – are you listening?

God’s word to Abram was pretty powerful: “I am your shield; your reward shall be very great…. Look toward heaven, and number the stars….So shall your offspring be.”  What a promise, or set of promises God makes to Abram here.  He promises safety and security – that God Himself would be His shield.  He promises reward – not just any reward – but a very great reward.  He promises offspring – not just a few – but again offspring that would be like the stars – lots and lots of offspring.  Three magnificent promises.  Seems too good to be true doesn’t it?  So what does Abram do?

He believed the Lord….he counted it to him as righteousness”.  Abram believed.  That is pretty simple.  No questioning about how God would do these things.  No doubting that God could fulfill.  No looking for the fine print to see what had to happen to make it so.  Abram just plain believed.  He took God at His word and believed.  Abram had plenty of reason to wonder.  He had no children and now he was going to have more than the stars in his lineage?  He does ask God to show him that this was going to be true.  So God goes through an exercise to strengthen Abram’s faith with some animals and birds.  But bottom line is that Abram believed and walked in faith.

The chapter ends with a very important activity: “the Lord made a covenant with Abram”.  So not just words, God put a seal on it with His covenant.  He gave Abram land for his offspring.  He guaranteed what He had promised.  Covenants are a big deal.  We often don’t take them nearly seriously enough.  We make a covenant when we get married – to be true and faithful to our spouse until death do us part.  Far too many just blow that covenant off when the circumstances get difficult.  God made a covenant with us through Christ and His shed blood – that if we believe in Jesus and confess Him as Lord – we will be saved.  We can count on that.  A covenant reveals God’s character.  He can’t break it.  How are you doing in your covenant relationships?  Are they solid and where they need to be?  God isn’t moving from His.  How about you?

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