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Job 39

Job 39 has God continuing his peppering of Job with questions.  They are about God’s creation and continue to make the reality that Job is merely a  man who has very little control or understanding as compared to God.  God is putting Job in his place.  It is the same place for all of us.  When compared to God – we really don’t have a lot to say.  We don’t measure up well.  We hardly are a blip on His eternal plan.  We didn’t create anything, can’t really control anything, and truly don’t know what is going to happen in the future.  God did or does all those things.  So how we relate to God needs to be on His terms – not ours.  How we seek Him needs to be done His way – not ours.  He is the center of the universe – not me.  God is God.  I am not.

The list of questions driving home these points is long.  “Do….can….who….when….is”….and on they come.  The thing that stands out to me in this chapter is the details that God points out.  He has moved from the big topics in the last chapter to the details of life in this one.  God created all things – big and small – macro and micro – including the small stuff.  We often think that God isn’t all that interested in the details of life.  Scripture sure doesn’t show that.  He has been extremely interested in all the details beginning at the creation and throughout history.  So why would we assume He doesn’t care about the details of our life?  That is a poor assumption and obviously not true. 

God does have a plan for you and me – a very detailed and specific plan.  It addresses all areas of life.  His plan is for our welfare and good – and gives us a future and a hope.  He will put us in our place when we forget who is in charge – but it isn’t out of anything more than His unending love for us.  Where does God fit in your life?  Is He even considered?  Is He sitting on the throne?  Is He leading your day?  Do you ask for His instruction as you face decisions?  Big ones and small?  We need to learn the lesson of His instruction here to Job.  God is the creator, designer, planner, controller – we need to get off any feeling that we fill any of those roles.  Our role is to love and follow Him.  That is what Jesus said – come follow me.  If we make that one thing our goal and become obsessed with obediently following – life will be full and we will be blessed!

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