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Job 38

Job 38 has God getting into the mix.  “Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind”.  Obviously it was time for the first team to show up and interact with Job as the three amigos and the young punk weren’t getting the job done.  I love how scripture frames this – God answered – but His answers were mostly questions.  Job has an attitude problem.  God is going to address it.  He starts by telling Job to “dress for action like a man; I will question you, and you will make it known to me”.  Ok Job – it is time to man up here.  You were the big man on the block and have been wallowing in your suffering for a while.  Now it is time to have a heart to heart.  God is going to ask – you are going to answer.  Well not really – you are going to listen actually – but should you actually have an answer you are free to throw it in.

Then the questions started coming, fast and furious:

–       “where were you

–       Who determined

–       Who laid

–       Who stretched

–       Who shut

–       Have you commanded

–       Have you comprehended

–       Have you entered

–       What is the way

–       From whose

–       Can you bind

–       Can you lead

–       Can you life

–       Can you send

–       Can you hunt

–       Who has

–       Who can

–       Who provides

An on the list of questions go – each specific about a part of God’s nature or His creation.  God is driving home the point that Job may have a little bit to complain about – but in the grand scheme of Creation and God’s eternal plan – it may not be quite as big a deal as Job thinks.  That is the tendency we all have though isn’t it?  Our little world is all that matters.  It has to be the biggest thing on God’s plate.  We lose perspective.

God pauses in the middle and says “Declare, if you know all this”.  Ok Job – if God hit something you actually can comment on – please go ahead and stop Him.  But God knows that Job has no answers and was not part of creation or the planning of the world.  None of us were.  God alone is the Creator.  He alone put the stars in the sky and the earth in place.  Job has lost sight of that reality as all of us do when we get focused on our own little world and forget the big picture. 

Does that mean our life doesn’t matter to God?  That is not the message at all.  It matters more to Him than it does to us.  After all, He created you and me and Job too.  God cares and is intimately involved in each person’s life.  But that isn’t the whole picture – just a small piece of it.  After all there are 6 billion other people on the earth right now and thousands of years of folks who have lived here prior too.  The facts are that your life is but a wisp in comparison to eternity.  You are but one of billions that God cares about.  But here is the really cool part.  God knows all there is to know about YOU.  He knows exactly what is going on in YOUR life.  He has a perfect plan for what He wants to accomplish through YOU.  As small as we really are in God’s giant world – we are the center of His love and plan at the same time.  He proved it when He sent Jesus to the cross for YOUR sin and mine.  He offers us grace as individuals – personally and specifically – and thought exactly when He created us in our mother’s womb.  We serve an awesome God.  We just need to remember His role vs ours.  We aren’t in charge and we don’t tell Him what to do.  As long as we keep that straight things go better!

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