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Job 35

Job 35 continues Elihu’s lecture to Job and his friends.  He touches on a topic that many of us are guilty of – rights.  “It is my right before God”.  That is how Elihu was interpreting Job’s words. Since when did the created dictate rights to the creator?  Yet that is exactly how we treat God – and think it ought to be.  We want things our way – it is our right after all – we are special and should be able to dictate how things are going to be.  That just isn’t how it works my friends.  We have no rights – we have no standing – we are sinners who are blessed just to be able to wake up each day and not be punished for the way we live.  We are pathetic people.  We need God’s blessing just to be able to live each day.

Elihu continues to paint the picture of how people are in relationship with God.  We think He should be at our beckon call – “Where is God my Maker”?  The newsflash is that God isn’t a genie in a bottle for us to call on.  He isn’t our personal butler standing around waiting for us to need him.  He is God.  He is in control and making the decisions.  He is doing His will – our job is to line up with that and join Him in what He is already doing in our patch.  That is our highest calling – to know what God is up to and to join Him.  That is how we walk smack dab in the middle of God’s Will.  We join Him – not the other way around.  But we pray that way – asking God to bless what we are doing.  Backwards indeed – and we need to change how we look at things.

There is clarity in one of the main reasons people don’t hear from God.  “There they cry out, but he does not answer, because of the pride of evil men”.  Pride is a significant barrier between us and God.  It does keep us from hearing God’s response – because there isn’t one.  God opposes the proud.  Scripture tells us that over and over.  We need to understand that God doesn’t hear well – if at all – when pride is our defining character.  We need to get our attitude in line.  We need to realize that life is not about us – we are little parts of God’s much larger plan.  We need to line up with His will and His plans. We need to get on His page and live life His way.  When we do that – we get right with God and good things happen.  Are you living that way?  God is in control!

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