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Job 34

Job 34 has Elihu continuing his rant against Job.  He reminds us that we need to listen carefully so we understand as we spend time with each other.  “The ear tests words as the palate tastes food”.  We need to learn to be good listeners.  It is how we are able to comprehend what others think.  Often we fail as listeners.  We are already preparing our response before they ever finish what they have to say.  It is a habit many of us have – to listen partially and be focused on response rather than understanding.  That is particularly true with our families, and mostly with our spouse.  We are so busy preparing the response – sometimes the justification – sometimes the answer to win the argument – that we miss the entire conversation and the point being made.  Listen first, then understand, and if necessary – then respond!

Elihu drives home the reality that God is paying attention.  There is no doubt that God is watching what we do – big and small – it all matters.  “For according to the work of a man he will repay him, and according to his ways he will make it befall him…. his eyes are on the ways of a man, and he sees all his steps…. knowing their works”.  Did you catch this?  God is watching.  He is keeping score.  He knows what we do and the result of our actions will yield a response from God.  He pays attention to how we live – the little things matter.  Our attitude, our character, our actions – they all count in God’s economy and in determining our future.  According to how we live – that determines our eternity.  Our response to God’s gift of grace through Christ determines where we spend eternity.  But how we live our life – that determines what our eternity looks like.  God will reward us based on how we live.

God is not limited in His response either.  “He shatters the mighty without investigation and sets others in their place”.  There will be no discussion – no second chance to review things.  God will judge based on what He knows about our life.  He is gather the facts as we live moment by moment.  We will give account and then receive His judgment.  He alone is the one who makes the decision.  He won’t need to check into the facts – He already knows what they are.

Bottom line – “you must choose”.  Each of us has to decide who we will serve.  Will we serve God – live in obedience to His Word and walk with Him the way He created us to?  Or will we choose to do it our way – to ignore God’s truth – live for our own pleasure, power or position – and just do it our way.  We have that option. God gave us free will.  It is our choice.  A bad one – but nonetheless still our choice.  What will you choose?  Will you choose to live God’s way?   Or just do whatever you desire and not worry about it.  That will not end well.  Make the right choice.  Decide today whom you will serve!

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