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Job 30

Job 30 describes Job’s continued plight.  He recalls the men whom he disdained in the past – who now treat him the same.  He is just another of the downtrodden and lives among their abhoration.  Job calls God out as the reason: “God has loosed my cord and humbled me”.  Scripture tells us in other places that God opposes the proud.  Is that Job’s issue?  Is that the root cause of his situation?  We really don’t know for certain.  But it is interesting that Job lists that in his description of God’s interaction.  He also tells us “God has cast me into the mire”. 

I don’t necessarily detect that Job is blaming God any longer – more of an admission of fact that God is in control.  He realizes that God does determine what happens and he feels isolated from God in his living.  He cries out and gets no answer.  He stands but God does not see him.  Job is alone.  He is by himself trying to get God’s attention.  And life is tough.  While Job still holds out hope, evil comes as does darkness.  He is along in waiting for God.

My inward parts are in turmoil and never still; days of affliction come to meet me”.  Life for Job is pretty uncomfortable.  And the worst part is he doesn’t know when it will get better.  He is continuing to cry out for help, but things still continue to be difficult and uncomfortable.  He is mourning and weeping as he awaits God’s response.  Sometimes life is pretty lonely.  God never leaves us.  But He can become rather silent as He allows us to learn lessons and get right with Him.  It is through humility that we sometimes come to an understanding of what God is up to in our patch.  We need to listen and hear God’s heart.  He has a plan for us.

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