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Revelation 15

Revelation 15 is a very short chapter that sets up the grand finale.  We learn that there are “seven angels with seven plagues” that will be the last of the activities that occur during those last days.  “With them the wrath of God is finished”.  There is an end to this earth – we don’t often think of that reality – but as the book of Revelation winds down – so does the time for people to be on earth.  In the end it will be heaven or hell as an eternal place to be – and earth will be no more.  We don’t like to think of things in those terms – as absolute without exception.  We want to believe that somehow God will change the rules and we will be able to have some other option. But it really is that simple.  We will be dealt our eternal place by the way we have responded to God’s gift of grace through Jesus. 

This chapter talks about those who have accepted Him as standing “beside the sea of glass with harps of God in their hands”.  Those who are Christ Followers will be worshipping our King.  Sometimes we think about our eternity as sitting on a cloud sipping on an ice tea as some of the cartoons or pictures may portray it.  But scripture is clear all throughout that our role will be to glorify and honor our God.  We will be actively singing and praising Him together.  Can’t sing?  Well you will be able to in those days as you get a new body and a new day job!

This chapter does call out what we will be focused on – there are four things that we have to worship Him about:

–       “Great and amazing are your deeds

–       Great and amazing are your deeds

–       For you alone are holy

–       Your righteous acts have been revealed

That is the God we serve and will worship.  He is almighty, the king of nations, the Lord, and “all nations will come and worship”.  Here is the reality – our God reigns.  He does today and He certainly will in those end days.  Are you ready to worship Him?  Have you prepared for the eternal future?  In the next chapter we will see the final wrath of God unleashed.  It won’t be pretty.  They are given “golden bowls full of the wrath of God” which they will let loose.  We are dealing with a sure reality my friends.  Don’t think you can slip in under the wire.  Get things right now – be sure of your eternity.  Tomorrow may be too late!

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