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Revelation 10

Revelation 10 has the seventh angel coming down from heaven.  He had “a rainbow over his head…..his face was like the sun…..his legs like pillars of fire”.  In his hand he had a “little open scroll” and he stood with his “right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land”.  That had to be quite a sight as the angel stood there straddling between land and sea.  As the angel spoke there were thunders sounding and his voice was like that of a roaring lion.  He instructs the writer not to write down what has been said by the thunders.

The angel’s attention shifts to that of heaven and he raises his right hand to God who is described as the one who:

–       “lives forever and ever

–       Created heaven

–       Created earth

–       Created the sea

God is the all-powerful creator and the One how has placed all things where they are.  And the angel announces there will be “no more delay”.  The time has come for “the mystery of God” to be fulfilled.

There are many in this world we live in whom don’t believe that the end times will really happen – that there is no heaven and hell – that God is a loving God that will just allow everyone into heaven when it comes down to that time.  I don’t see that thinking as lining up with what scripture tells us.  God is pretty clear throughout that sin is a problem we have to deal with.  That there is a constant battle between good and evil.  That things will end and there will be some rather nasty things that happen as part of that final chapter.  Are you ready?  Do you know what your future holds?

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