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Colossians 4

Colossians 4 is the final chapter in Paul’s letter to the church at Colossae.  He begins reminding masters to “treat your slaves justly and fairly”.  There is a principle here for bosses to understand.  We have a responsibility to the way we treat those who work for us.  While we don’t call employees slaves today, the principle of fairness and justice applies here anyway.  We must not show favoritism and mistreat folks who work for us.  We have a job to do – to lead our employees well.  It is not a situation where we can do whatever we want.  We will be accountable to “the Master” who will require us to give account for how we have treated those in our employ.

Paul goes on and gives direction to the church in how they should live.  He lists a number of things the congregation should be doing:

–       “Continue steadfastly in prayer

–       being watchful in it with thanksgiving

–       God may open to us a door for the word

–       to declare the mystery of Christ

–       that I may make it clear

–       which is how I ought to speak

–       Conduct yourselves wisely toward outsiders

–       making the best use of the time

–       Let your speech always be gracious

–       seasoned with salt

–       so that you may know how you ought to answer each person

We need to be in prayer with a thankful heart seeking the opportunity to speak truth to all God allows in our patch.  We need to season our words with salt – which makes people thirsty – and will draw them to the “living water” of God’s Word.  How we interact with others matters – we are His representative and speak His truth.  We need to be gracious and have an answer to the questions that others may have.  If we don’t know the answer – we need to seek the Truth from His Word and find it so we can provide them direction.  Paul also challenges us to make the best use of time – time is precious and there is a limited amount, so we need to use it wisely.

He goes on to talk about Tychicus and other faithful men who have been with him as he writes this letter.  We can learn about the key characteristics that God is excited about through Paul’s praise here:

–       “beloved brother

–       faithful minister

–       fellow servant

–       encourage your hearts

–       struggling on your behalf in his prayers

These men are focused on serving and ministering through prayer and encouragement.  What will people say about your life and the impact it has had.  Will you even be mentioned if someone writes about the people who have made a difference?  We need to really get focused on living like Paul and these fellow ministers of the gospel.  It matters how we live.  Are you walking this way?  Will others call you someone who is struggling in your prayers on their behalf?  We need to realize the power we have to make a difference if we live as true Christ Followers and walk with Jesus!

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