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Colossians 3:1-15

Colossians 3 is full of powerful direction for our lives a Christ Followers in a short 25 verses.  There is so much here we will address it over two days.   Paul begins by admonishing us to “set your mind on things that are above”.  He goes on later to tell us to “put on” these characteristics:

–       “compassion

–       Kindness

–       Humility

–       Meekness

–       Patience

–       bearing with one another

–       forgiving each other

–       put on love

–       let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts

–       be thankful

And Paul also gives us a list of things we need to put off and not think about – he tells us to “put to death” these things:

–       “sexual immorality

–       Impurity

–       Passion

–       evil desire

–       covetousness

–       idolatry

–       anger

–       wrath

–       malice

–       slander

–       obscene talk

–       Do not lie

Paul gives us great direction – in order to success with this we have to “put off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator”.  We can’t just stop doing things.  We have to replace the things we are trying to stop with things that we need to add.  So often we just try to stop doing things, but that seldom works.  We have to replace bad habits with good ones.  We have to put on something to replace what we intend to put off.  Paul gives us two important lists here.  We are a new creation in Christ – our lives should reflect that clearly.  Are you putting on what God has called us to do?

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