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Matthew 27:31-66

Matthew 27:31-66 tell the story of the Crucifixion.  Jesus is placed on the Cross and hanged there to die.  Those around Him did a number of things:

–       “They divided his garments

–       They sat down and kept watch over Him

–       Over His head they put the charge….this is Jesus, King of the Jews

–       Those who passed by derided Him

–       They were wagging their heads

–       They challenged Him – if you are the Son of God, come down

–       They mocked Him

The experience certainly would not be the way you would expect God’s Son to be treated.  But it fit into prophecy and God’s plan for us – to save us from our sin through the shed blood of Jesus on the Cross.  He was hanged there with two robbers, one on each side, as a common criminal.  The people got their way, and we got our Savior!

The sixth hour there was darkness over the land until the ninth hour”.  Things had been going as expected for the religious leaders to this point.  But now Jesus is preparing to leave earth and His body.  He “cried out in a loud voice….and yielded up His spirit”.  Did Jesus have to die?  No – He certainly could have come down off that Cross and destroyed all who were there mocking Him that day.  But in a different way – yes He did – because without His shed blood there would be no forgiveness of sin and our future would be very dim indeed.  He did have to die to set us free from the burden of sin.  As He dies, some amazing things happen:

–       “The curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom

–       The earth shook

–       The rocks were split

–       The tombs also were opened

–       Many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised

His death changed things.  His death changed everything.  Those who previously had been mocking Him had a new tune – “they were filled with awe and said truly this was the Son of God”.  Jesus is God’s Son.  The religious leaders were afraid that He would stir up people based on His words that He would rise on the third day, so they seal the stone and set a guard at the tomb to make sure no one tampered with the tomb.  Little did they know what they were dealing with.

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