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John 16

John 16 gives us insight into Jesus preparing His disciples for the challenges ahead.  He knows it will be a tough road to walk.  “I have said all these things to you to keep you from falling away”.  Being a Christ Follower is not an easy path.  Now for us in America, it is fairly simple compared to the sacrifices that folks make in other parts of the world to do the same.  We don’t face the kind of things that Jesus warned His disciples of – “they will put you out of the synagogues……kill you”.  We don’t face that kind of fate here, but they do in some parts of our world.  There is a price to pay for being a follower of Jesus.  Bottom line – it costs us our life.  Did you catch that?  Being a Christ Follower means we are willing to give up our life, both physically and control thereof – to the Savior.  We have to be willing to do that to be His.  And as Jesus prepares the 12 for His death and resurrection, they still don’t really understand it.  But He is clear that He is telling them so “that when their hour comes you may remember that I told them to you”.  Jesus is preparing them for things to come.  He isn’t going to let them walk into this blindly.  He is giving them the information they need, even though they still don’t have a clue, because when they experience it they will remember.  That is why being in Scripture is so critical.  It may not apply exactly at the moment, but it prepares us for what we will face in the future.  Then the Holy Spirit can bring it to our remembrance so we can apply it at the time.

Speaking of the Spirit, Jesus continues to give us insight into the change that was coming.  “It is to your advantage I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you.  But if I go, I will send Him to you”.  Jesus had to depart for a couple reasons.  First was His fulfillment of prophecy.  Scripture is full of verses that point to his birth, life, death and resurrection.  Second was the requirement for shed blood to pay the price for our sin.  Had He not died on the Cross, our sin problem would still be our sin problem and we would be doomed.  It took His blood shed on the cross to give us grace and freedom to become clean.  And the third reason Jesus had to depart was so the third part of the Trinity could be sent to live in us and become part of us.  Jesus clearly defines the role of the Holy Spirit here:

  1. convict the world concerning sin – because they do not believe in me
  2. righteousness – because I go to the Father, and you will see me no longer
  3. judgment – because the ruler of this world is judged concerning sin”

The Holy Spirit has been sent to convict us of three things – sin, righteousness and judgment.  They are all related yet separate.  We need to be convicted that we are missing the mark of what God requires of us – that is sin – to miss God’s mark.  We need to be convicted that we fall short of righteousness – living up to the law and being the person God expects.  We cannot be righteous on our own.  And we need to be convicted of the coming judgment because there will be a price to pay for missing on sin and righteousness, an eternal price that leads to separation from God.  Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit will help us in a couple other ways too: “He will guide you into all truth…..He will glorify me”.  When we become a Christ Follower the Holy Spirit is sent to live in us as believers.  We have an internal guide that is connected to the Father and the Son.  We just need to learn to listen.  We need to learn to follow His guidance.  Jesus wraps the chapter with these powerful and encouraging words: “I have overcome the world”.  We have been sent the Holy Spirit to live within us, and we have been saved by a Savior who has overcome.  We have much to celebrate as Christ Followers.  Are you living victoriously?  Are you living like a child of the King?

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