Mark 14

Mark 14 gives us another look at the events just prior to the crucifixion.  Jesus has a couple of his disciples go to prepare a place for them to have their last supper together.  He sends them off with some very specific instructions of what to do: “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him, and wherever he enters, say to the master of the house, ‘The Teacher says, Where is my guest room, where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?’ And he will show you a large upper room furnished and ready; there prepare for us”.  I can’t imagine being one of the guys sent ahead to prepare.  Sure Jesus…..we are going to walk into a city and be able to spot this guy carrying a jar of water who will just happen to lead us to the place we are to go and when we tell the master of the house we want to use his place he will take us there.  But guess what – it happened exactly as Jesus said.  They went…they saw….they followed his direction…they prepared.  The group met and ate and drank and shared together for the last time.  Jesus tells them this night that “after I am raised up, I will go before you to Galilee”.  I am not sure they were listening because they had just been told that one of them would betray Him.  But it will be an important statement after the resurrection – another prophecy or foretelling of the truth that they will come to remember. 

You’ll remember from our study of this section in Matthew that Jesus took the three disciples in His inner circle – Peter, James and John – with Him to pray.  They didn’t – they fell asleep.  But beyond praying for the events to come, Jesus gives us a deeper glimpse into why prayer is so important.  Check out what He says: “Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak”.  Prayer is one of the ways we can deal with temptation.  Scripture is clear that we will be tempted.  The enemy is focused on tempting us to cause us to sin.  But here Jesus tells us to watch and pray so we don’t fall to temptation.  It is a key weapon in our walk toward holiness – along with the Scriptures – to doing battle with the enemy.  Jesus asks these three to pray and prepare for what was to come.  Unfortunately they fall asleep instead – but we see the principle here.  Are you spending time in prayer?  It is a spiritual discipline we all need if we intend to walk with Him.  One last thing Mark captures here that is different: “And a young man followed him, with nothing but a linen cloth about his body. And they seized him, but he left the linen cloth and ran away naked”.  Could it be the first streaker?  I had never caught this little sentence before, but it is certainly interesting.  Pray much – it is key to our ability to deal with temptation and to experience the power of God in our lives!     

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