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John 9

John 9 captures the story of the man blind from birth.  He sat daily begging for whatever he could get.  Jesus disciples asked “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind”?  We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that every bad thing that happens in life is a result of sin.  The reality is that all of us are sinners, and everything that happens in life is impacted by sin in some way or other.  But Jesus tells us clearly that sin is the not cause of bad things.  Sin may have results that are bad – there are consequences to the choices we make in life.  But Jesus tells us that in this case, the man was blind “that the works of God might be displayed in him”. Things happen as part of our story to allow God to show Himself strong.  We can’t look behind every bush or turn over rocks looking for a sin reason as to why we stubbed our toe.  There is not always an apparent answer to the “why” question when it comes to bad things happening to good people. But we have to be careful not to try and tie some direct connection between sin and something happening in a life.  Jesus came to take away our sin.  When we receive Him we are washed white as snow and set free.  Sin still has consequences – we still will make bad choices and fall to temptation after salvation – but we aren’t going to ever be able to say that this happened because of that sin.  Only God sees that picture.  Someday we can ask Him face to face, but for now, we need to know that His desire is for us to walk in obedience and resist temptation and the choice to sin.  Sin is a choice – always – and we can choose not to do it.  Unfortunately as humans we sometimes don’t make the right choice – and that is when we need to repent and get right with God again.

The Pharisees get all worked up that Jesus healed this guy on the Sabbath.  My how we tend to focus on the wrong things some days.  Churches today tend to do the same.  We get all excited about the time of worship, what tie the pastor wears, who is serving in what position, what color the carpet or walls are, and a host of other things that really don’t matter.  We are so busy with the junk that we miss God completely sometimes.  That is definitely the case here.  They question the man, his parents and then the former blind man again.  I love what he finally says to them: “One thing I know, and though I was blind, now I see”.  He didn’t know much about Jesus.  He couldn’t debate with these religious leaders about his faith or the teaching of the law.  But he knew what had happened in his life. He knew his life story and the testimony of what had happened.  That is what we need to be sharing with those in our patch.  What God has done in our life.  Do you share life with others?  That is the one area no one can refute.  What you have experienced – the touch of God on your life – you are the expert on that topic.  That is the most important thing we have to share.  They keep poking at this poor guy and finally he gives them truth that I am sure God gave to him to say: “We know that God does not listen to sinners, but if anyone is a worshiper of God and does His will, God listens to him”.  Pretty strong truth from a guy who has been blind all his life and never been taught. That is how God works.  He gives us what we need to say when we need it.  In this case – they weren’t listening and they “cast him out”.  But that is not a reflection on what God provided this former blind man to say.   It shows the place the religious leaders were – not interested in anything other that what they said.  Jesus finds this former blind man and asks if he believes.  “Lord I believe”.  Three simple words that change his life a second time forever.  First he regained his sight, then he gained eternal life.  The response to that decision was immediate – “he worshiped Him”.  What has resulted from your decision to be a Christ Follower? Are you worshiping the Savior?  Have you taken the step to believe?  There is no more important decision!

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