Mark 4

Mark 4 is another look at the parable of the seeds.  As I see it through Mark’s eyes – the reality of how difficult it is for a seed to actually become productive comes to light.  Mark reminds us we have a very real enemy who is waiting to pluck up the seeds – “Satan immediately comes and takes away the word that is sown”.  We can never forget that we are in a real spiritual battle.  There is a very real enemy with three very clear objectives – to kill, steal and destroy – our lives.  He is out to keep us from taking root and becoming what God intends.  The seeds that fall on rocky soil do not put down roots – “they have no root in themselves…..when tribulation or persecution arises….immediately they fall away”.  Here is a newsflash we all need to pay attention to.  Tribulation, persecution, suffering, challenges, hardship, and struggles – they are all coming our way.  We want to believe that once we become a Christ Follower all those bad things stop but they don’t.  We go through things to help us grow and to drive us to dependence on God.  We need to be pushed out of our comfort zones to require us to have faith and to lean on Him.  How do we endure hardship?  We put down roots – deep roots – into God’s Word and into our relationship with Him so when the winds blow and the storms of life come we can hang on because we are well rooted.  It is critical for us to have deep roots to endure.  In raising corn – more than once I have seen the result of shallow roots.  When the winds blow the corn falls over and it never again is able to regain what it was prior.  That is a critical thing to remember.  Roots into His truth are so important in keeping us on track and ready to handle the reality of life.

Mark reminds us that “nothing is hidden…nor is anything secret except to come to light”.  We want to believe we can do things that no one will ever find out about.  That is just not true.  First of all God knows exactly what we are doing.  Be it surfing the web and looking at pornography behind closed doors because it doesn’t hurt anyone (another of Satan’s lies) or striking our spouse because they don’t listen, or verbally abusing our kids because we are tired of their attitude, or taking advantage of someone who isn’t strong enough to stand up for themselves.  There is nothing that happens without God seeing it – every detail – and it will come to light – if not here certainly when we stand before Him on the Day of Judgment.  Are you fooling yourself that way – believing the lie that what happens behind closed doors or in the privacy of your house is ok just because no one else knows?  That is a lie of the enemy.  God will not be mocked.  He will deal with sin and all those things we think we get away with because we are good at hiding them.  It doesn’t have to be the big stuff either.  The word that is spoken inappropriately, the looking at another or stuff with a covetous heart – God will deal with all of it.  We have to live recognizing that He is aware and keeping track – that sin is never excused – it can only be forgiven by the shedding of blood and repentance.  Nothing is hidden.  Bring it into the light and let Jesus deal with it. 

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