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Matthew 8:14-34

In Matthew 8:14-34 Jesus comes to Peter’s house where He finds Peter’s mother in law very sick with a fever.  I love the series of events that happen here.  Check this out:

–       “He touched her hand

–       The fever left her

–       She rose

–       And began to serve Him

Jesus didn’t do anything more than come into Peter’s house – I am sure as his request – and touch his mother in laws hand.  First we need to recognize the power of inviting Jesus into a situation.  So often we wait way too long to ask the Master to be part of what is happening.  After all, we can handle it on our own can’t we?  We only use Jesus in those cases when we have already done everything we can to deal with whatever the issues are.  What a stupid way to live.  Jesus came to give us abundant life – to be in control of our day to day – to provide us so much grace and mercy and love to help us live for Him – and we want to do it all on our own.  Hello world – do you see the ignorance in that approach to life?  Jesus gets involved and things change – not sometime – immediately.  He sets Peter’s mom in law free of the struggle she was facing.  Immediately upon His entry into the situation.  Jesus is still in the miracle business – He is the same Jesus that we read about in scripture – and He wants to have an impact on you and me today.  I love what she does after being healed.  She didn’t lay there and bask in the attention and enjoy the moment.  Scripture says “she rose” – got up and was ready to get in the game.  She demonstrates a very important thing here.  Being involved with Jesus requires action.  As you read scripture you will often see that being a Christ Follower is based on a whole lot of action verbs: go, be, do and on the list goes.  The idea of following Jesus is not – we just sit back and watch Him do His ministry while we observe.  Not at all – we are His hands and feet and we need to be in the middle of what He wants to do.  We see that here.  After Peter’s mom in law got up – she “began to serve Him”.  Does that describe you?  You have been healed from sin if you are a Christ Follower?  Have you arose and gotten active in serving?   We aren’t called to be a bump on a log sitting there quietly on the sidelines.  Jesus died to set us free so we can serve!

Another key thing Jesus teaches us here is what it means to be His follower.  Several approach with a desire to follow Him – at least that is what they say.  Let me do this or that, and then I will follow.  Not how it works.  If we are to be a Christ Follower we have to be willing to do just that – follow Him wholeheartedly and completely.  Being a believer is not a part time gig.  It isn’t something we do as it fits our schedule.  It isn’t a part in deal.  Being a Christ Follower means exactly that – we follow Him and Him alone all the time – 24/7/365 whether it is convenient or easy or simple is not the deal – it is all in all the time following Jesus.  There will be plenty of times that it is far from simple or easy.  But the good thing about being a Christ Follower is that not only do we have a leader who already wrote the story and was the reason for the eternal victory – but He will go so far as empower us to follow when our own human frailty doesn’t get it done.  He carries us in His strength when we can’t do it alone.  He never leaves nor forsakes us – He is always there to encourage us and lead us on.  What is required on our part? To simply follow – to give up self and put Christ on the throne – to turn from our sinful ways – repent – and invite Him to take control in our life.  Are you a Christ Follower?  Is Jesus really sitting on the throne of your heart?  That is what it takes.  Going to church is a good thing but it doesn’t cut it.  Reading your Bible and attending meetings can be good – but that doesn’t save you.  Only a personal and deep relationship with the Savior does it.  Make sure you are there.  Tomorrow may be too late!

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