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Luke 8:1-26

Luke 8:1-26 tells us a couple stories we have looked at previously.  Jesus is on the road ministering in the cities and villages “proclaiming and bringing the good news” to the people.  He had a mission and was singleminded about it.  He shared the truth of the Kingdom of God.  Scripture tells us “the twelve were with Him”.  It is important to note that Jesus had the disciples by His side and poured His life into them daily.  They were together and ministered to the people together.  He was, afterall, the Son of God and really didn’t need their help.  They were mostly observers of His work.  But since God’s plan for the world is to have Christ Followers proclaim and bring the good news just like Jesus did, they needed to be with Him to learn how to do that.  And that is still God’s plan – to have us as Christ Followers share the good news.  We aren’t going to get the luxury of spending three years with the Master watching and learning how to do it.  But we do have the written Word which captures how Jesus shared, and we need to study it and live it so we can share it with those in our patch.  Jesus gives us the story of the sower through Luke’s eyes and one thing that stands out to me in Luke’s writing of it is in regard to the good soil.  When they hear the Word they “hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience”.  We need to grab onto the Word and hold on to it tightly.  It needs to be the center of our life.  And we need to remember that fruit comes over time – not some immediate result – but one that happens as God’s truth grows in us and develops and blooms and then yields a harvest.  It isn’t immediate, but there is fruit if we truly are a Christ Follower.  That is where a lot of us fail today.  We are not committed to bearing fruit.  We want to sit in the stands and watch others do the work of the ministry.  But Jesus taught the twelve to teach truth, and that is what He expects from us.  We are not to be mere spectators, but to share life with those around us so we bear fruit. 

Jesus goes on to say more about that when he says “no one after lighting a lamp covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a stand, so that those who enter may see light”.  When you become a Christ Follower, a light is lit inside you that needs to shine all about Jesus.  We aren’t to accept Christ as our Savior and then hide that under the bed.  People should not have to guess whether or not Jesus is Lord.  It should be obvious – extremely obvious – to all around us that our light is shining and we have been changed.  Does that describe your faith?  Do people you work with every day know your faith?  Luke goes on to tell us of the boat ride where Jesus falls asleep.  He had been ministering and got on the boat with His disciples and decides to take a nap as they go across the lake.  “A windstorm came down on the lake….they were filling with water and were in danger”.  So what would you do?  Yep – they went and woke Him just like I would have.  Jesus “awoke and rebuked the wind” and things calmed down.  Can you imagine that – picture what happened?  Life feels totally out of control for the twelve and then Jesus steps in and it is calm.  He still does that today in our lives.  He is in control today just like He was then.  Jesus was frustrated with them though.  “Where is your faith” was his question.  Sometime I think the same thing.  They have seen him in action over and over doing miracles and healing people.  How could they doubt He had even this situation under control?  But then I look in the mirror and ask myself the same thing.  When I get all worked up about how something is going, rather than trust Him and take my concern to the One who can actually do something about it, I worry and fret and whine and fail to trust.  That is what God is looking for in us – to trust and obey and walk with Him in His truth.

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