John 2

John 2 tells us the story of Jesus changing the water into wine at the wedding he attends with his disciples.  They were there and planning missed the mark so they ran out of wine.  Jesus tells the servants to take the “six stone water jars….each holding twenty or thirty gallons….fill them up to the brim“.  The servants did and then as Jesus told them took a sample to the master of the feast.  Of course it was the best wine he had ever tasted.  This was Jesus first of many miracles – although it seems to me He had been in the miracle business quite a bit healing people at every turn.  Interesting that healing is talked about differently in scripture than miracles.  But the key to remember is that God and Jesus are still in the miracle business today.  Sometimes we forget that.  They are also still in the healing business.  It hasn’t stopped – we still serve the same God with the same ability to do as He wishes.  Jesus shows His hand at the wedding and scripture tells us “his disciples believed in Him“.  This wasn’t done so the guests could have a good time.  This miracle was targeted at a very select group – those who had chosen to come and follow and see.  And they certainly were seeing some things they hadn’t seen before.  That is true for us too if we will only follow Him.  We will be part of His miracle life changing mission.  But we have to follow – we have to come and see.

The next part of the passage takes us into the temple for Passover.  Jesus went there to celebrate and finds those “who were selling oxen and sheep and pigeons….and the money changers“.  It was a regular trading post right there at the temple – making it easy for people to get what they needed for their sacrificial needs.  Jesus is not amused – takes some cords and makes a whip and drives them out of the temple area.  He “poured out the coins…..overturned their tables“.  Not exactly how one would kick off ministry – at least today.  Talk about another memorable experience for His new followers.  Can you imagine their eyes as Jesus comes and turns upside down what has been happening as the routine for many years.  The question is – what would Jesus do if He walked into your church this week?  Would there be any tables turned over or any whipping going on?  I fear there would in mine.  And even more importantly – what if He sat me down and looked closely at my life?  What would my life review turn out like?  Any stuff that needs to be overturned and changed so I walk with Him the way scripture teaches?  You know the answer about me.  And actually I know the outcome of what that would look like for you too.  We all need to make some changes in how we live, and how collectively we serve and worship.  Jesus is not about the status quo – you never ever see that in scripture.  He deals with things head on – sin gets tackled – life issues addressed – people changed constantly.  We aren’t going to get a pass for how we live folks.  We will be giving account some day soon.  So the time to make the change is now while we can before we stand in front of a very holy God. As we head into this very special weekend – take a few minutes to look deep inside and see how you are doing in your walk with the Master.  Remember…..contemplate……confess…….repent…..and find the fullness of life Jesus offers and promises to those who will believe, follow and obey!

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