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Revelation 18

Revelation 18 is where John writes of his vision of the destruction of Babylon – Great Bablyon – the strong and glorious city.  God now is in judgment mode.  “The Strong God judges her…..every wrong you suffered from her has been judged”.  Here is a reality we all need to get our arms around.  Judgment is coming – not just for Babylon – but for you and me.  We will face God some day.  It won’t be a time where we get to ask for second chances to return and make things right.  Scripture talks about God’s judgment in a number of places but if we boil it down to the basics, there are two key judgments we will need to face.  The focus will be pretty simple:

  1. What did you do with my Son Jesus?  Did you accept Him as your Savior and Lord?
  2. What did you do with all that God entrusted you?  Your talents, time, money, gifts? 

That pretty much sums it up.  There will be other things, but from my perspective these are the big ones.  The first determines our eternal resting place.  If we have a personal relationship with Jesus, we enter Heaven to spend eternity with God.  If not, well it won’t be there.  The second determines what that eternal life will look like.  If we did well – took care of God’s gifts – we will be rewarded based on how we did.  This chapter reminds us of the coming judgment.  God will judge all mankind.  He is seated on the throne and has that right and power.

We also get a sobering reminder that all the stuff we work so hard to accumulate will be gone.  Check these words out: “Everything you’ve lived for, gone.  All delicate and delectable luxury, lost.  Not a scrap, not a thread to be found”.  There you have it.  It all burns up.  All of it.  All the stuff we work to buy and store and save – none of it goes with us to eternity.  It is all for the here and now, yet we treat it like some prize that we will take with us someday.  We won’t.  It isn’t in God’s plan.  So why are we so intent on buying and having it all.  Newer bigger house, new fancy car, more stuff in our storage sheds, more money in the bank – it all goes away.  The only things that scripture tell us last forever are very simple and basic:

  1. God’s Word
  2. People

That’s it.  Funny how that aligns with the t-shirt I wrote about yesterday.  And how it matches exactly the two great commands that God gave us.  Love God. Love people.  Period.  Are you living that way or are you in the mode of accumulating stuff?  Are you focused on what you can get, or how you can give?  God doesn’t care about our stuff.  The person with the biggest pile doesn’t win in God’s economy. It is about people and living life to please Him.  Are you there?  Are you in His game?

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