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Revelation 15

Revelation 15 continues John’s vision of the last days.  Here we see the final disasters and judgments being let loose.  It is the “wrap-up of God’s wrath”.  Hmmm….seems like God has been a bit irritated in prior chapters…..but now He is letting it loose.  We find seven angels prepared with seven disasters to end things.  Believers stand in a “sea made of glass” in the midst of fire but “carrying harps…triumphant…the saved ones stood….sang the song of Moses….sang the song of the Lamb”.  In the middle of the fire and the disasters, Christ Followers stand.  They are above God’s wrath, set apart from the disaster.  They are worshipping the Father.  Not ony them, but all will come to that place.  Check out what scripture tells us about that day: “Because you and you only are holy, all nations will come and worship you”.  In the end, all will bow and worship our God.  All will come to understand that He alone is the one true God.  The real question is – do you get it?  Do you put God where He belongs – on the throne of your life – in control and at the wheel – or is He pushed aside so me, myself and I can run life?  God is in control whether we want to admit it or not.  He does reign and will be there at the end in His glory and on His throne.  We should put Him there now and enjoy the goodness that brings.

Then it happens.  John “saw the doors of the Temple….open wide”.  God is executing what prophecy foretells – He is going to destroy the antichrist and all things evil.  He will meet the promises of His Word and the prophecies that were told.  The seven disasters are released and come out into the world.  They don’t appear to be destructive – interesting contrast to the forces of evil which are described throughout scripture as vile and ugly and scary looking creatures.  But God’s seven angels are equipped with His wrath and anger and the power to destroy the enemy.  “Smoke from God’s glory and power poured out of the Temple”.  Can you see it?  God’s power is overwhelming.  It has been pent up waiting for this day when the church will be delivered from all evil.  His overwhelming power will destroy all things not His and enemies be wiped out.  Christ Followers will be purified and the Church once again returned to a place of unity and deep relationship with the Father.  “No one was permitted to enter the Temple until the seven disasters…..were finished”.  But once God’s work is done – hallelujah – God’s Kingdom is established and His power reins.  God thank you for your continual and everlasting love for us!

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