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Revelation 14

Revelation 14 moves us through John’s vision closer to the end.  He sees the Lamb and 144,000 there standing with Him.  They are singing a new song.  The description of these is pretty simple: they “lived without compromise….wherever the Lamb went they followed”.  What a picture of those who are chosen.  Living without compromise means we follow the truth no matter what.  We obey God’s direction no matter what the cost or whether anyone is watching or not.  It means we are focused on being obedient continually.  Are you willing to follow the Lamb no matter where He leads?  Do you live like that?  Another Angel comes and preaches “fear God and give Him glory”.  That sure seems to be a common theme in scripture.  God is not only worthy of our praise, He expects it from us.  How do you do praising God?  Is it part of your daily life?  Is God lifted up on high and do you let the world know He is yours?

The vision continues and describes things this way: “the saints stand passionately patient, keeping God’s commands, staying faithful to Jesus”.  Several words jump out at me here.  Passionate….keeping….faithful.  God’s people are really living their life in a way that stands out.  How many people do you know that you would describe as passionate?  Maybe a few, but not wrapped around the other two words here – stand and patient.  It tells me that this passion is not just coming out because it fits their desires – they are passionate because of the relationship.  Obedience and faithfulness come along here too – and that is done through relationship with Jesus.  One other statement grabs my eyes: “none of what they’ve done is wasted”.  Do you realize that?  If all things work together for good as scripture tells us, then all that we do has a purpose and none can be wasted.  Life matters.  We need to live it that way.  It will matter until the end.  So don’t just let it happen.  Make it intentional and significant because God will use it as part of His Story!

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