Revelation 8

Revelation 8 has the Lamb ripping off the seventh seal.  “Heaven fell quiet – complete silence for about half an hour”.  That is quite a change for heaven, which will be a very busy place.  But as the Lamb opens the seventh seal, we are moving to a new phase.  Seven angels are handed seven trumpets which they will blow and begin a series of doom and destruction.  Before that though, another Angel “came and stood at the Altar”.  This Angel is praying and interceding on behalf of the holy ones before God.  God listens to our prayers, but it is good to know that Jesus is there interceding on our behalf and also an Angel it appears.  There is a clash between the things of God and the things of earth, and it results in “thunder, voices, lightnings and an earthquake”.  We are not on God’s page.

The Seven Angels “got ready to blow them”.  Destruction begins as the “first trumpet blast, hail and fire mixed with blood were dumped on earth”.  A third of things were “burned to a crisp”.  Then comes the second trumpet blast and a third of the sea “turned to blood” as well as sea creatues dying and ships sinking.  The third trumpet caused a huge star to fall (Wormwood) which caused “a third of the water turned bitter” and people died from it.  The chapter ends as the fourth trumpet sounds causing a third of the sun, moon and stars to go black.  “Doom, doom, doom to everyone left on earth”.  It doesn’t sound like the end times are going to be that fun.  It will be a major problem for many who are left as this destruction takes place, but we are warned that the worst is yet to come as the last three Angels blow their trumpets.  Oh that we have our security in place with our Savior!

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