Revelation 7

Revelation 7 is really a pause in the action.  In chapter six the Lamb has ripped off six seals and before the last one is removed, we stop and see a couple important things happen.  The “Four Angels standing at the four corners…..with a firm grip on the four winds”.   God pushes the pause button and won’t let any further destruction occur “until I’ve sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads”.  This is to represent ownership – God is going to put His mark on the foreheads of His own so they can be sealed safe and secure.  Are you marked by your relationship with the Father?  Do people know you are a Christ Follower?  In those last days – should you be here then – would you get the seal?  “Everyone was there” but definitely not everyone was sealed.  Relationship is the key.  Do you have one with the Savior?  Everyone is worshiping and “all who were standing around the Throne – angels, elders, animals – fell on their faces….and worshiped God”.  Do you see just how much God desires worship, and how worthy He is to receive it.  Here we have the very chosen ones – those close to His Throne – and even they are on their faces in worship.  God is worthy of our praise.  We need to be on our face worshiping Him.

The chapter goes on to tell us what heaven will be like.  Oh how glorious that place will be.  Scripture tells us that “they’ve washed their robes, scrubbed them clean in the blood of the Lamb”.  Those who will be in heaven have a relationship with the Lamb – with Jesus Christ – and His saving grace.  They have accepted His death on the Cross as atonement for their sin and have been cleansed by His blood.   I am reminded by the song which has a verse that goes something to the effect “are you washed in the blood of the Lamb”?  Have you been washed by His blood?  That is how you enter eternity with God.  It isn’t by what you do or how you live – it is because of your relationship with the One who paid the price on the Cross.  Heaven will be a wonderful place.  Check out what we are told: “serve Him day and night… more hunger….no more thirst… more scorching heat….shepherd them….lead them to spring waters of Life….will wipe every last tear from their eyes”.  Heaven is a wonderful place.  Do you remember that song?  My kids listened to it as sang by Psalty Kids when they were little.  Heaven will be a very wonderful place.  Make sure you will be there!

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