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Psalm 150

Psalm 150 wraps up the longest book in the Bible.  Do you remember how this book began?  It talked of God and how we are like a tree planted by streams of living water when we are in His Word.  Well this chapter ends with God on a very upbeat note.  It is but six short verses, but it contains the word “praise” eleven times.  God is the focal point of every word in this chapter.  The Psalmist says it best in the last sentence in the book of Psalms: “Let every living, breathing creature praise God”.  That is you and me.  We are called to praise his name.  We are called to remember His goodness.  We are called to let the world know just how great our God is.  Are you giving God praise every day?  Have you today?  I am working more and more to make praise a bigger part of my time with the Father.  He is the center of this life – and our relationship needs to start with praise, run with praise and end with praise.  It really is not about me or what I think I need which is what time with God tends to become if we aren’t careful.  God – need a little help with this or that – have an issue that needs some attention – am in way over my head and need you to bail me out – oh help me before I totally blow up – you spend your time with God on things like that?  It is human nature to spend time spewing our felt needs and not putting praise first or at all in the relationship.  But we need to change that.  We need to praise Him. 

 And this chapter tells us the what, when, how and why.  Check out the list:

  1. Praise God in his holy house of worship
  2. Praise him under the open skies
  3. Praise him for his acts of power
  4. Praise him for his magnificent greatness
  5. Praise with a blast on the trumpet
  6. Praise by strumming soft strings
  7. Praise him with castanets and dance
  8. Praise him with banjo and flute
  9. Praise him with cymbals and a big bass drum
  10. Praise him with fiddles and mandolin
  11. Let every living, breathing creature praise GOD

Did you get the message?  We need to use all sorts of ways and all kinds of places to praise Him.  “Let every living, breathing creature praise God”.  Start right now.  Take a minute and just approach His throne and praise Him.  Tell Him how grateful you are for His nature and character and just for who He is.  Praise is about more than what He has done.  It is the very being of who God is and how blessed we are to be in relationship with Him.  Let everything praise the Lord!  That’s you – so start now!

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