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Psalm 146

Psalm 146 gives us some real good guidance on how we should deal with all the advice and expertise that seems to be everywhere.  If you go to Amazon and look at the self help books – there are tens of thousands of them on every topic under the sun.  What does scripture tells us about that?  “Don’t put your life in the hands of experts who know nothing of life”.  There are lots of people running around believing they are experts and have all the answers when in fact they don’t get life at all.  Life is complex.  God designed it.  God created us.  He is the source of knowing what to do.  “Mere humans don’t have what it takes”.  People can’t figure out what to do.  They weren’t on the design team.  God was.  And besides, “God’s in charge – always”.  That really is the clincher.  He designed life, and He is in charge of what happens.  So buying lots of self help books really doesn’t cut it.  We need to read THE BOOK and get our answers from the Creator.  He alone has the total picture.

 We do get a glimpse once again as to why we should “put your home in God and know real blessing”.  He is our only true hope.  He is the only source of real blessing.  God is so amazing.  He made the sky and soil – He made it all.  Listen to what the psalmist tells us about God:

  1. He always does what He says
  2. He defends the wronged
  3. He feeds the hungry
  4. God frees prisioners
  5. He gives sight to the blind
  6. He lifts up the fallen
  7. God loves good people
  8. Protects strangers
  9. Takes the side of orphans and widows
  10. Makes short work of the wicked

What a list of actions that God takes.  Based on His nature and character – we can depend on these like we can the sun coming up and setting each day.  God is who He is and does what He says.  We can know what to expect when we study what He says – and THE BOOK is where we find that.  Are you in the Bible?  Or do you get surprised by what God does because you haven’t read His letter to you.  Don’t just guess – know what God is up to!

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