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Psalm 140

Psalm 140 is a plea to God for protection.  Things are a bit tough here for our writer, and he wants out.  “God, get me out of here, away from this evil”.  Do you ever feel like that?  Just get me away from it, let me escape.  But where will we go?  Where do we run?  Evil seems to be everywhere.  So like David writes here – asking God to protect us is the thing to do.  And we need to then realize and believe that He can, and will.  Sometimes we fall into the trap of believing it is more than God can handle.  Don’t we?  Things are so bad and there is so much evil stuff happening, it must be overwhelming God.  That isn’t what is happening.  There is plenty of evil happening, and definitely lots of folks involved in making it happen.  As David writes “all they do is think up new ways to be bad”.  Sounds like some politicians, eh?  There are plenty of resources focused on creating “hate and hurt….venomous words that maim and kill”.  The enemy of darkness is alive and well and has an army out there that are focused on wickedness and destruction.  But after all that is his mission – to kill, steal and destroy – just like scripture tells us.

David calls out the root of so much of the problem.  “Stuffed with self importance, they plot”.  If we boil down the majority of the problem in our world today – it really comes down to a four letter word – SELF.  When we put that as the center of the universe things fall apart.  People lose focus on the things that matter and are driven by all kinds of nasty things – greed, selfishness – the list can go on forever.  God has to stay in the middle of life if we are going to live His way.  When we take control – when self gets behind the wheel – things do bad.  And then we become an enemy of good.  We get on the wrong side of the fence and life goes down the tubes.  Even when it doesn’t seem that way – it really is.  Sometimes it appears that the bad guys win.  That evil does ok.  But it is an appearance.  It doesn’t really work that way.  David tells us that “good people are secure in Your presence”.  God is our source of safety.  He does work all things together for good.  Don’t lose sight of that.  Stay away from evil – keep self off the throne – and make sure God is there in your life!

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