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Psalm 138

Psalm 138 is quite a contrast from the previous chapter.  It begins with “Thank you….everything in me says thank you”.  What a way to begin.  And it frankly is how our days should start.  We need to wake up thanking God.  Whether we are a morning person or not, we need to start the day recognizing that everything that has been or will be has been because of His goodness.  Every good and perfect gift came from Him.  We need to “kneel in worship….say it again….thank you”.  Can you see how that should be part of our daily routine?  “Thank you for your love…thank you for your faithfulness”.  Our psalmist calls out two of God’s character traits – love and faithfulness.  Definitely two things that we should be thankful for as they are defining qualities of our God.  Do you recognize Him?  Do you see just how blessed we are to be able to have a relationship with this God?

The writer also calls out another quality of God – His holiness.  “Most holy is your name….most holy is your Word”.  God is a holy God and expects the same from us.  That alone should cause us to latch on and connect with Him.  We won’t achieve that on our own.  He alone can help us move toward holiness as we become more like Him.  But check out the response the psalmist gets: “The moment I called out, you stepped in; you made my life large with strength”.  Did you catch that?  God is listening and waiting to respond to us.  And He does step into our lives and have an impact.  He is the one who makes “life large” and gives us the ability to do far more than we can do on our own.  He alone is the one who makes good things happen.  Are you connected with the King?  We should cry out just like the psalmist “finish what you started in me God”.  He has a plan.  It is in motion.  We need to walk with Him as He completes His work in us!

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