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Psalm 137

Psalm 137 shows the very raw and real emotion to a time of captivity and destruction.  The writer is responding to memories of days gone by when bad things happened and people were sad.  “We sat on the banks….we cried and cried”.  Not a very uplifting set of words.  Sometimes we want to think that bad things won’t happen.  We want to believe that only good things happen to those who love God.  That isn’t always how it works out.  There are dark days when things don’t go as we might like.  There are difficult seasons that we all have to walk through.  The good news is that we never walk them alone.  God never leaves us nor forsakes us.  He is always by our side.  Our psalmist talks about “remembering the good old days”.  We do need to remember – scripture tells us that often.  We need to consider what God has done in the past and realize that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  We need to hang on to His nature and character when things begin to get difficult.  We should never live in the past, but we certainly need to remember the past.  It gives us perspective for the future.  God’s given us a record of His Story that shows us how He is.  We can take comfort in knowing Him.  Our own journal of our part in His Story also is important to remember.  That is why journaling is so critical.  It gives us a place to refer back to in order to discover how God has worked in the past.

Our writer asks this question: “how could we ever sing God’s song in this wasteland”?  Sometimes it seems like there is no way for us to be joyful in our current circumstances.  Sometimes the weight of the situation is overwhelming. And the reality is that we may be unable to sing God’s praises at that time.  We may struggle to be able to find joy inside us.  But God does know our pain.  He does understand our situation.  And He will receive all our attempts to communicate with Him.  We just need to cry out.  We need to reach to the skies and let God know we are here and no matter what is happening, we recognize that He is God and we trust Him.  No matter what… matter how bad it seems…..we know that He is in charge.  Easier said than done for sure.  But God is God even when it doesn’t feel like it.  Fortunately His position is not impacted by our feelings.  He is God all the time!

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