Psalm 135

Psalm 135 gives us a lot of insight into just how awesome God is.  Scripture tells us “He does just as He pleases – however, wherever, whenever”.  I love the way the Message states that.  God does what He is going to do without regard to what anyone else thinks.  He doesn’t need to check in and see if it is ok.  This is His universe, His plan, and it happens His way.  Period and end of story.  So what does that look like?  Well our author tells us: “He makes the weather…..He struck down the Egyptian firstborn….He made Egypt sit up and take notice….confronted Pharaoh…..struck down great nations…..slew mighty kings……turned their land over”.  What comes to mind when you read about what God has done?  Limitless….unstoppable… His time……done His way……Majestic?  God is all that and so much more.  He has no limits.  He has no resource restrictions.  He is so vast and powerful and almighty there is nothing that even slows Him down.  What He says happens, just like it did when He spoke the universe into existence.  God is still in charge.  And then these words really drive that home: “God, your name is eternal….God, you’ll never be out of date”.  Some think that God was just for Bible times but let me assure you He is every bit as alive and in control today as He was when He created all this a long time ago.  He is just as much your God and mine as He was to Adam and Abraham and Noah and Jacob and David.  He is the same – that is what eternal means.  God never changes.  Scripture tells us that over and over in many ways.

SO what is he doing?  “God stands up for His people…..holds the hands of His people”.  God is very much in the middle of your life and mine.  He is absolutely in control of every detail whether it feels like it or we notice it or not.  What we think and feel does not change the facts and reality that God is in control.  The writer contrasts that with the “gods” – little “g” for human made and human controlled – which are “mere trinkets….chiseled mouths….carved ears…..dead wood”.  DO you see the comparison?  God is in control and has been for eternity.  Compare that with the gods we allow to get in the middle of our lives that have no power of control, just suck away our life, money and time and destroy relationships and good things.  Lots of common things can become god in our life – TV, work, money, another person – anything we worship and put in a place that should be reserved for the one true God who created it all.  Here is the sad truth of our little gods – “those who make and trust them become like them”.  Hello – did you catch that.  If we push God out of His rightful place in our life and replace Him with some human god we latch onto – we become as ineffective and worthless spiritually as whatever it is we allow to take a place in our life.  We are like dead wood.  We need to focus and stay connected to God and Him alone.  And how do we do that?  We get some ideas here:  “Praise the name of GOD, praise the works of GOD….Shout ” Hallelujah!”…..sing anthems”.  We need to put Him on the throne of our life and treat His as He is – King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We need to make Him the only God we serve – not one among a bunch of stuff. “And why? Because GOD chose…..embraced”.  We get the answer to the why it matters question.  God doesn’t deserve to be God because we decide so.  He already is because He is.  He should be God because in spite of who we are and all the ways we fail – well He still chose to love us.  He chose to accept and embrace us in spite of ourselves.  He allows us to come into an eternal relationship with Him because He chose, not because we decide.  Do you see that gift?  God doesn’t owe us….we don’t deserve Him.  But His nature is to love and to draw us to Himself.  That is why Jesus was sent to live on earth and go to the cross.  To bridge the gap between our pathetic attempts to live a holy life and God’s expectations.  Without that, our future would be pretty dim.  But God chose and embraces us by sending Christ to the cross to take away our sin if we have a personal relationship with Him.  God is so good.  Do you know Him?  If not, make it a priority to do it today!

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