Psalm 133-134

Psalm 133 and 134 are both short little chapters that contain a couple of very important messages.  In 133, we read these words: “How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along”.  We could get caught up trying to determine whether this refers to physical brothers and sisters or is targeting spiritual siblings.  Bottom line – it doesn’t really matter because God wants us to have good relationships with both.  God is all about relationships.  He is totally focused on people and how we relate to one another.  When we have our relationships in order – it is wonderful and beautiful.  It is what He desires.  And why does this fall apart some times?  Because of self.  People get focused on themselves rather than others and pride gets in the way.  I have seen so many broken relationships where folks can’t even remember why they don’t like someone except there was something back somewhere that happened.  God is in the restoration and reconciliation business.  With us first in our relationship with Him through Christ, but secondly between brothers and sisters.  It is His heart.

In Psalm 134 we are told to “bless God….lift your praising hands”.  We could get into a theological discussion about how we praise God.  As a conservative Baptist boy, raising hands has never really been my thing.  But the message here is clear – we need to recognize that our God is the center of this universe and we need to put Him where He belongs – on the throne of our life and our attention.  How do we bless God?  By praising Him.  By acknowledging who He is and the place He has in our lives and the world we live in.  When is the last time you took time to praise Him.  Really focus on just how awesome our God is and how blessed we are to be able to have a personal relationship with the Creator.  “God who made heaven and earth” is seeking our praise.  We can bless Him if we only will.  Are you blessing God through praising Him?  Are you blessing Him by getting along with your brothers and sisters?  We need to make it priority.  Other things will always crowd it out unless we focus on putting God first!

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