Psalm 132

Psalm 132 is an interaction between David and God about their relationship.  Isn’t that what it all boils down to – our relationship with God?  David and God had a vow – they were connected through a mutual promise to one another – and that covenant really set the stage for everything that happened.  David puts it this way: “I’m not going home, and I’m not going to bed, I’m not going to sleep, not even take time to rest, until I find a home for God, a house for the strong God of Jacob”.  Talk about single minded focus on the relationship.  David was not content to be separated from God. He is focused on being in that relationship.  And he wasn’t about to sleep, or rest or even go home until God was there with him.  He was passionate to be in God’s presence and have God with him.  Are you focused on that?  Do you pursue God without allowing anything else to get in the way, even sleep and rest?  That is the kind of heart that God desires us to have.  That we are so focused on being with Him that we will make it priority above all else, even self.  It should be number one on our list when we get up each day.  How will I connect with God?  How will I dwell with Him today?

 David tells us that they were going to “worship at God’s footstool”.  They were going to be in His presence.  How do you view your relationship?  Is it something that you focus on going to Him to be at His feet, or is the approach here I am God, come sit here and wait til I can squeeze in a quick prayer or fleeting thought about you.  Who fits whose schedule in your life?  Do you have a habit of coming into God’s presence and being focused on His plan and His timeline and His will?  Or are you coming to the throne when you need Him with your list of what you want done?  Do you see a disconnect here?  God is not our genie sitting around waiting for us to find a minute to let Him know what we want.  That is not how it works.  God is the Creator of the universe, the Controller of all things, the Master of everything, and sometimes we treat Him like our own personal assistant that we can cry out to when and if it fits our needs.  Oh that we would get the heart of David and make Him our only pursuit.  God never turns from us.  He is pursuing us with all His heart all the time.  Just like He tells David that He has made a place for him, and will take care of him, God wants to abundantly bless us the same way.  It is His plan.  We need to be in relationship so we don’t miss it!

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