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Psalm 131

Psalm 131 is really a short chapter – three simple verses – but oozing with the kind of heart that God desires us to have.  David is sharing a look at his innermost being – and it gives us insight into why he was called a man after God’s own heart.  He sets the tone as one of humility.  This is not about a great warrior and king tooting his own horn and taking credit for all he has done.  This is a humble man who realizes it is not about him, but about the One he serves.  Check out what he says he does not do here as he addresses God: 

  • I’m not trying to rule the roost
  • I don’t want to be king of the mountain
  • I haven’t meddled where I have no business
  • I haven’t fantasized grandiose plans

Sound like you?  Doesn’t really sound all that much like me.  I tend to want to be in charge and determine what happens.  I seem to think I can take care of things myself.  God is just a safety net for when it gets past my ability to handle things on my own.  Oh that we would learn the humility of David and put God in His right place in our lives as ruler and king.  Oh that we would keep our sticky fingers where they belong rather than meddling where they don’t, and that we would follow His plans rather than dreaming up our own.  Can you envision life if we lived it like David?

But wait, there’s more to learn here as David tells us what he does do.  Check this out: 

  • “I’ve kept my feet on the ground
  • I’ve cultivated a quiet heart
  • I’m like a baby content in its mother’s arms”

Can you see how he lives?  Feet solid on the ground – quiet heart – content to be in God’s care and following His lead.  David has learned what we all need to – it’s not about me.  It is about God and His plan for my life.  It is about me lining up with what God wants to do in and through me.  It is all about trusting Him and walking in obedience to His lead.  We get it all backwards today, certainly in our country.  We think church is about serving our needs and wishes.  We think life is about making us comfortable and giving us pleasure.  We think relationships are designed as things to meet our needs.  The focus David has is not self – it is God.  We need to get the scope moved from me to Thee.  We need to understand that God is the center of our universe and He alone is where we better focus and be spending our energy.  Are you there?  What has to change so you can be one who is after God’s heart?

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