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Psalm 129

Psalm 129 gives us a reminder that there is a battle that rages around us on a spiritual level.  Our writer points out that it has been going on for a long time, and will continue until the end of time.  The struggle between good and evil never ends.  And we are in the middle of that as believers. The church is in the sights of the enemy as the target.  “They’ve kicked me around…..but they never could keep me down”.  Ever feel like that?  That you are being kicked and hit and beat on?  It is real, and it comes from the desire to destroy all things good and of God.  The strategy is to wear out God’s people and tear them down slowly and over time.  That is the way the enemy fights – sometimes head on directly against us – but often just continually picking away at us to try and wear us out and cause us to fall over time.  We need to remember that God build the church on a rock that does not move.  We need to hang on to the truth that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  And even when it seems like we can’t go on – He will come alongside us to lift us up and carry us forward.  After the psalmist has been pummeled he tells us “then God ripped the harnesses”.  God is there ready to come to our side and help us succeed.  He is our source of power.

The chapter also reminds us that the harvest will come, even when the enemy designs it to fail.  The yield comes from God, and He alone determines what it will be.  We need to be ready to gather it – to harvest the crop in due time and to take in what He provides for us.  That picture speaks loud and clear to me as an Iowa farmboy.  God alone can grow the harvest.  We may plant, till, cultivate, watch and pray.  But the Lord of the Harvest makes it grow.  And it is He alone – the enemies may want to go destroy it – but God alone controls the harvest.  God will provide.  We need to join Him in the harvest and bless Him for what He provides.  “We bless you in God’s name”.  God has been faithful to provide no matter what the enemy has in mind.  Remember that the opposition is “like grass in shallow ground that withers before harvest”.  While it sometimes seems the enemy is strong – they can’t last as long as the power and strength and blessing of our God.  We serve an amazing and mighty God who will triumph over evil.  We just need to walk faithfully in obedience as we trust Him.  Our God reigns!

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