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Psalm 128

Psalm 128 is a happy little chapter that really tells us how blessed we are to be able to walk with God.  It reminds us that part of being successful in that walk is the need to “fear God”.  That theme happens over and over in scripture.  God is in control, and our recognition of that and living life respectful of that truth is so key to us enjoying all God has for us.  “All you who fear God, how blessed are you”.  I am confident that most of us really don’t realize just how blessed we are to have a relationship with God – the Creator of the universe – in a personal way.  It is such a blessing for us to be able to come to His throne and receive His goodness and blessing.  And when we listen to His direction, when we follow His lead – “how happily you walk on His smooth straight road”.  Now there is a promise we should grab onto and hold on tightly.  God has a plan for us to follow.  When we build a personal walk with Him, when we are listening to His leading and walking in His ways, life goes more smoothly.  He blesses us.  Doesn’t mean it will be exactly what we want, but it will be everything He wants us to have.  Then we can “enjoy the blessing…..revel in the goodness”.  That is such a welcome concept for most of us who struggle with life day to day on our own steam.  We battle the bills and the chaos and often don’t seem to get around to enjoying much of anything.  Ever feel that way?  Well God has a better plan, and we need to walk with Him to experience it.

The author points out just how blessed we are to have kids in our lives.  They are what makes “your household lush as a vineyard”.  But they too are gifts from God’s hand – His blessing and goodness to us.  We tend to take credit for a lot of what God does, and the miracle of life is definitely one of those things that is all His.  There is no way that man could assemble and create the miracle that happens through birth.  We need to “stand in awe of God’s Yes”.  He is the One in control.  He is the source of life and every good thing that flows into it.  He is the great I Am.  As the chapter closes, the psalmist reminds us of one key truth that I am so glad to be able to be part of: “and enjoy your grandchildren”.  What a blessing it is to have grandkids.  What a joy to see young life and to once again have to answer all those questions of why and how and why not.  God has created an amazing universe for us to be part of.  He has blessed us indeed and we too often miss the blessing because we get caught up in the minutia of life.  Fear God, and enjoy His blessing!

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