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Psalm 127

What powerful words Psalm 127 contains.  There are some deep principles that are called out here:

  1. If God doesn’t build the house……the builders only build shacks
  2. If God doesn’t guard the city…..the night watchman might as well nap

We actually think that we can build and protect things.  Here is what scripture tells us – we are only fooling ourselves.  We are caught up in believing a lie – that we actually can do anything on our own.  God alone can be the source of building and protecting.  We are vessels He may use to do those things, but on our own, we can do NOTHING.  God is the builder – of our homes, our marriages, our families, our businesses, our churches, our lives.  He alone is the one who puts things together.  And He also is the only one who can keep what He has built safe and sound.  If we try to protect it on our own, it will slip away.  If we think for a minute we can keep things safe, we will be sorely disappointed.  God is our source of protection.  He alone can guard the house.  We need to call on Him to do that.  And the outcome – we get rest.  “Don’t you know He enjoys giving rest to those He loves”?  God wants to do the heavy lifting of building and protecting.  We need to trust Him and let Him do it for us by participating as His vessel and joining Him in what He is doing.

The second very important truth here is just how blessed children, and parents are.  “Don’t you see that children at God’s best gift”?  Can it get much clearer?  Kids are a blessing from God – the best gift we can be given.  Yet so many kids grow up unattended, unloved and pushed aside because they get in the way of their parents agenda.  If you have kids – they are your agenda.  They are the gift the God has given for you to nourish, love and train up.  They should be treated as the most important thing in life, right after our spouse and our relationship with God.  After all, kids are “His generous legacy” to us.  They are the gift that carries on how we train them into the next generation.  Creating a godly legacy is a task that requires deep investment and planning.  It doesn’t accidentally happen.  We will create a legacy – one way or another.  But only by training up our kids, by investing God’s love and truth into their lives, will that legacy be one that brings honor and glory to God.  The writer also says “how blessed are you parents”.  Actually I think grandparents are the most blessed in the whole mix of the family.  But blessing flows as God pours His love out and allows children to join this world.  It is up to us to recognize the gift, and make sure we nuture that child to grow in wisdom, stature, favor with God and with man.  How are you doing with your “gifts”?  Do they get your full and undivided attention?  Don’t miss the chance to create a legacy that brings glory to the Father!

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