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Psalm 125

Psalm 125 gives us a glimpse into what trusting in God looks like.  Real trust that is.  Our psalmist says “those who trust in God are like Zion Mountain”.  That is pretty solid stuff.  It means nothing will move one who truly trusts God.  Faith shows itself like a rock, unmovable and able to withstand anything that might push it away.  “Nothing can move it, rock solid mountain you can always depend on”.  That is pretty solid stuff.  Trust in God should not waver with anything.  It should remain constant all the time.  Our faith is not dependant on us.  It should only depend on God and His rock solid record of faithfulness.  Sometimes we let the fact that we have a hard time believing in God get in the way of living with faith.  But we shouldn’t as it doesn’t matter about us.  Faith is all about believing in Him.  It is because He is faithful.  All we have to do is believe.

The writer reminds us that “God encircles his people”.  He puts His hedge around us.  He is faithful to protect us and keep us safe.  He “always has and always will”.  And always is a very long time.  That is how God is though. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  His approach never changes.  He just takes care of us.  He performs and is consistent.  We can depend on Him.  God won’t let people just do their own thing though.  “God will round up the backsliders, coral them with the incorrigibles”.  He does expect us to walk faithfully in obedience.  We can’t just do whatever we want.  We can’t just ignore what God has given us as the rules to live by.  He will clean up the act of those who choose to live their own way.  He does set the standard by which all will be judged.  We must never lose sight that God is faithful and we can totally depend on Him.  What a blessing and a comfort for us to hold on to!

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