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Psalm 122

Psalm 122 again talks about the opportunity to worship God and just how that should impact us.  “Let’s go to the house of God”.  When’s the last time you did that?  Is it your weekly habit?  Or more often?  When I was a kid it meant Sun AM and PM and Wed PM at a minimum.  When the church doors were open, we were there.  I have to admit my participation then wasn’t like our psalmist: “…my heart leaped for joy”.  My heart sometimes leaped, but it was because I was trying to figure out how to escape having to go to church again.  Ever feel like that?  That church is a chore rather than a chance to make life change and meet God.  We need to focus differently when we think about going to church.  Attendance is not about us, nor about those around us.  I know that it may often be our motivation, because someone will ask and want us to explain where we were if we miss.  And that accountability is not a bad thing, but it really misses the reason we should go.  We should be there to meet God, to worship Him, and to line up with His truth.  Church attendance is not about you or me, it is all about Him.  Far too often it doesn’t turn out that way.  We go because of what we will get out of it, or what image it sends to those around us. But the real reason for us to attend is to grow closer to Him and to take our relationship deeper.  As our writer tells us “all God’s tribes go up to worship”.  It was expected and everyone did it.  I think we do need to consider it as expected, and I encourage you to get involved in a Bible preaching and serving church.

So what should we do when we enter His House?  What is the purpose?  Our writer gives us a couple hints.  First we are told “give thanks”.  Pretty simple.  And right on – we are to thank God and praise Him for all He is and does.  Thanks is talking to God about the things He has done.  Praise is focused on who He is – on His character and the way He has led since creation.  Both are important and things we often don’t get around to because we are too busy trying to get what is on our wish list.  But we need to start our prayer times, and our worship, coming into His presence to give praise and thanksgiving.  It sets the tone.  We area also encouraged to rededicate our focus and our writer shows us this when he says: “I’ll do my very best for You”.  Does God get your very best?   All the time?  Or do you give Him the leftovers if there are any.  Left over time, left over money, left over energy.  God’s expectations are that we do our very best all the time.  Critical effort and focus that we all need to make sure is happening.  Bottom line is that we need to live for an audience of One – and not get all wrapped up in what other people think.  Life is about walking with and serving Him.  Are you thankful and giving Him your very best?  If not, no time like today to make that change!

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