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Psalm 119:103-144

Psalm 119:103-144 continues to give us insight into just how important God’s Word is to us.  The psalmist tells us that he prefers God’s words “to the best home cooking”.  Now we are getting serious about how valuable they are.  When we talk about it that way, that God’s Word trumps home cooked food – well it makes the point that taking in His truth we are filling our soul with nourishment that is wonderful and unbelievably tasty.  In a different way, but still so satisfying as we take in and put God’s Word into action.  “With your Word, I understand life”.  That is a power statement of the impact of God’s Word.  It gives us understanding….it clarifies a lot of things.  But we have to be in it to get that.  Having it sit on our self or the nightstand by our bed won’t cut it.  We need to have it in our heart by hearing, reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on it.  Verse 105 is one of the greatest verses in scripture on the importance of God’s Word.  The Message says it this way: “By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path”.  The Bible is a light for us to follow, it illuminates the pat so we can see to keep on moving.  In other versions it refers to it as being a “lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”.  That has literal meaning because in biblical times as people moved at night, they would literally tie small lamps to their shoes that cast just enough light to enable them to take the next step.  She shared more on this on Back to the Bible and you can read more here if you wish about the lamps and light.  But God’s Word is given to show us the way, to provide the light we need to move forward, to take the next step.  It doesn’t necessarily light the path for miles, but it does give us enough to keep moving.  This book, the Bible, is described this way in the passage today.  It will “teach me your holy rules…..your book on living…..textbook on life”.  It is truth that matters and we need to be reading and living it.

 But the writer goes on to say a very important thing: “I’ve committed myself”.  What are you committed to when it comes to God’s Word?  Are you committed to reading it, to studying it, to taking it in?  Are you willing to live by it?  To let God’s Word determine your path?  The psalmist says “the way You tell me to live is always right”.  That is a pretty powerful statement.  But he goes on to describe other things that God’s Word will do if we just let it be our direction for living.  Before we get to the good stuff, consider how we need to be committed.  The psalmist tells us “I concentrate on doing exactly what You say”.  Did you catch that?  It isn’t just some random and occasional act of obedience to God’s truth here.  It is focused, determined, regular and intentional.  We have to make that how we live.  God wants us to make His Word our standard for living every moment of every day all the time without exception.  We need to “not forget what You have revealed”.  It is not haphazard and happenstance living.  It means we let God’s Word into our lives at a level it determines our path.  We live by it.  So what’s the catch?  The catch is that when we do, these kinds of things happen:

– clear cut revelation

– quiet retreat

– renew

– smile

– steady

– rescue

Good things happen when we make God’s Word the lamp for our feet and the light for our path.  When we “honor everything You tell me” as our writer did.  God gave us this love letter to not only give us direction, but to change our life.  That only happens if we open the Book and read it and then let it direct our path.  When we do, God’s amazing love is freed to flow into us and through us.  But if we only look at it from a distance, it is merely another book on the shelf.  Let God have His way with you!

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