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Psalm 119:81-102

Psalm 119:81-102 is filled with much more truth about just how precious God’s Word is.  Our psalmist sets the stage by telling us that he’s “homesick – longing for salvation”.  Does that describe you?  Are you aware that this is not our final home – there is eternity which is far better than anything we experience in our lives today?  Life on earth is definitely not the end of the story.  So we shouldn’t get content about living here, as it is merely a temporary place.  We will spend eternity based on what we do with Jesus.  And our writer makes it very clear that God’s Word – the Bible – is the source of guidance and life.  He reiterates that “everything you command is a sure thing”.  God’s truth is absolute and unchanging.  We can bank on it.  It never changes because God never changes.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Our writer has been under continual assault from his enemies – “they never let up”.  You ever feel like that?  Like the challenges of life just keep coming and never let up?  I know I sure do.  It seems almost overwhelming at times. So how do we deal with that?  We are given the model here: “I haven’t relaxed my grip on your counsel”.  We need to cling to God’s Word.  It is our sword and our refuge.  It is the one thing we can depend on along with God Himself.  Of course there is another step beyond just knowing and relying on God’s Word.  It is that “o” word we sometimes don’t like.  Our author says he wants to “alertly obey….what you say goes”.  This is a key to living as a Christ follower – we actually have to do as God directs.  We need to follow His guidance.  We need to walk with Him.

 So what do we know about God’s Word based on what the psalmist writes?  It is pretty powerful.  God’s truth “never goes out of fashion….dependable as ever…..never become obsolete”.  It is not obsolete information as some would want us to believe.  God’s truth is timeless because He is timeless.  He created all things, and is in control of all things.  His Word never becomes irrelevant.  It is always right on.  So based on that how should we live?  The writer gives us some insight into how we should respond to God’s truths:

–       “Look high and low for your words of wisdom

–       Love all you’ve revealed

–       Reverently ponder it all day long

–       Watch my step, avoiding the ditches and ruts of evil

–       Never make detours from the route you laid out

God’s Word is our map to living as God desires.  It leads us down His path and never expires.  We don’t have to download an update or new code like we do on our computer or GPS navigation system.  God’s Word never changes.  It is just as good today as when it was penned.  The wildcard is not God’s Word – it is us and what we do with it.  Are we going to obey it and follow it and walk with Him in it?  Or will we insist on doing things our way?  The first option is definitely the best.  So which will you choose today?  Walk with God in obedience to His Word?  Or do it your way?  Choose God!

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