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Psalm 119:43-80

Psalm 119:43-80 give us a bit more of a glimpse at the depth of focus and dependence on God’s Word.  Our psalmist tells us that he is “committed to living your way… step with your word”.  Does that describe you and your relationship with God?  Can’t wait to find out what He has for you today?  Can’t wait to crack open your Bible and find out what is on the agenda for your training today toward godliness and holiness.  We are on a training mission here on earth you know.  God has a plan to grow us up.  Our psalmist puts it this way:

–       “Train me to live by your counsel

–       Train me in good common sense

–       Train me in your goodness

We are in training, and definitely we need a lot more of that common sense in many places around us today.  But as we look at the relationship between our writer and God’s truth – we see some powerful statements of just how God’s Word should impact us.

 It isn’t just written as a suggestion or option for life.  God’s Word is to be our guide and our standard.  It isn’t just something to consider or ponder.  God’s truth is given to show us how to live.  “Husbands love your wife as Christ loved the church” is not an option – it is God’s design, His plan, His expectation, His requirement.  The Bible is full of direct and very specific commands for us to follow.  Why?  So God can be a dictator in our life and tell us what to do?  Not exactly.  How about because He created us, designed the relationships and world in which we live, and frankly knows more about us and how we ought to live than we do ourselves.  God’s truth is not given to make our lives miserable, but as a way to guarantee reaching His plan.  It is about following the instructions in the operator’s manual for how a human should live.  Here is how our psalmist looked at God’s truth:

–       “I’ll guard with my life what you’ve revealed to me

–       I look for your truth and your wisdom

–       I’ll tell the world what I find, speak out boldly in public, unembarrassed

–       I cherish your commandments

–       I love them

–       I relish every fragment of your counsel

–       I hang on to these words for dear life

–       I set your instructions to music

–       I meditate on your name all night

–       I live by your Word

–       I promise to do everything you say

These Words recorded in God’s way are vital for us to walk with Him.  We need to find the same love for His truth.  It comes as we spend time in His Word.  It comes as we daily take time to communicate with Him by reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on His truth.  Are you hooked up with God’s truth?  Are you in the Word daily to find out how you should live?  That is why He wrote it.  Make sure you don’t miss His truth!

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