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Psalm 119:9-42

Psalm 119:9-42 give us some very powerful teaching about how to live life well.  Many may have memorized these first couple verses in Sunday school or Bible school.  Psalm 119:9 is a favorite that talks about how to keep life where God wants us.  The Message version is a bit different from what you may have learned, but the truth is the same.  Check this out: “How can a young person live a clean life?  By carefully reading the map of your Word”.  I love that truth.  And it applies to us older folk too.  We can live a life pleasing to God by reading and living His Word.  That is it – simple and clear – God’s Word is key to our success in living as a Christ Follower.  It is how we walk with Him.  And verse 11 tells us a key way to do that: “I’ve banked your promises in the vault of my heart so I won’t sin myself bankrupt”.  Other versions talk about memorizing or laying up God’s Word in our heart.  That means to know it by heart.  Jesus showed us the power of that when He dealt with the devil face to face and quoted scripture with each temptation to overcome it.  God’s Word is our strength.  It is how we please Him and live well.  But our psalmist goes further.  He tells us that he is “single minded in pursuit….don’t let me miss the road signs you’ve posted”.  God wants us to know His plan.  That is why He gave us His Word.  And for the next verses, he lists ways we can do that:

 –       “Train me in your ways

–       Transfer to my lips all the counsel that comes from your mouth

–       Delight far more in what you tell me in living than in gathering piles of riches

–       Ponder every morsel of wisdom

–       Attentively watched how You have done it

–       Relish everything you have told me of life

–       Won’t forget a word of it

–       See what you show me

–       Do just what you said

–       Absorbed in pondering your wise counsel

–       Build me up again by your Word

–       Grace me with your clear revelation

–       Grasp and cling to whatever you tell me

–       Run the course you lay out for me

–       Teach me lessons for living

–       Give me insight

–       Guide me down the road

–       Give me a bent for Your words

–       Divert my eyes from toys and trinkets

–       Invigorate me

–       Affirm your promises

–       Deflect the harsh words of my critics

–       See how hungry I am for Your counsel

–       Preserve my life through Your righteous ways

–       Shape my life with salvation

What a list of things we should pursue with God.  His Word is powerful – it is our map – it is our guide – it is the only source of truth that we can depend on and know will get us where He wants.  Are you seeking His way?  If so, scripture is the first place we should look.  It has already been given to us.  So often we insist on looking other places and miss the obvious one.  God has given us so much direction in His Word.  We need to read it, study it, memorize and live by it.  Are you in His Word every day?  Have you memorized key passages or verses that give you direction?  Are you following what God has already told you to be His will for your life?  Loving your wife, respecting your husband, training up your children…..the list goes on and on of truths that are black and white and written to you and me.  We need to pursue God’s truth with all our heart.  We need to seek after His ways.  They are written for you and me, as Christ Followers, to set the course for our life.  Time for each of us to get focused and dig in.  It is our path to pleasing God and getting His blessing!

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