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Psalm 118

Psalm 118 is another in the series of chapters that describe just how good God is.  Our writer tells us: “Thank God because He’s good, because His love never quits”.  In fact, that statement is repeated three more times in the first few verses.  God loves us – a lot.  And He never quits loving us.  He never stops, no matter what.  Do you know that God loves you?  Have you stopped to ponder that reality?  God loves you for ever.  And wait, there’s more.  “God’s my strong champion”.  God is there to take care of us.  And for good reason.  “Far better to take refuge in God than trust in people…..than trust in celebrities”.  We really can’t trust in people.  They will let us down.  But God never will.  He never drops the ball and never fails us.  His love won’t let Him.  He is faithful and always dependable.  As the psalmist ends the chapter “Thank God – He’s so good.  His love never quits”. And never is a very long time.  God is good, all the time.

 But there is more.  Our psalmist also gives us some detail about his relationship with God.  He tells us “God’s my strength….my song……my salvation”.  That’s how we will find out just how strong our God is, how powerful He is, how good He is.  When we develop a deep relationship, God is freed to go to work in our life.  We find that “God has turned the tide….raised in victory”.  God moves as we go deep with Him.  As we allow Him to come into relationship with us.  God is our source of strength and refuge.  He is the source of all goodness.  So what comes next?  “Now I’m telling the world what God did….God tested me, He pushed me hard, but He didn’t hand me over to death”.  It is about telling the story of God’s help in our lives.  The best thing we have to share is how God has worked in our lives.  That is something no one can challenge or deny.  What God has done for you is the story that has His handprints all over your life.  Are you telling the world what God has done?  Some of it will be His work in building your character.  Some of it will be how He has allowed you to go through struggles and has pulled you through.  But you have a story that needs to be shared.  Don’t hide His touch in your life.  Share it so others can see just how good He is.

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