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Psalm 115

Psalm 115 is a chapter that demonstrates the power of God versus “their gods”.  The psalmist calls on God to “show your glory”.  And God does – in many ways.  The writer calls our a few of those ways:

–       On account of your merciful love

–       On account of your faithful ways

–       So none of the nations can say….”where is their God

The reality is just what the psalmist writes here:  “God is in heaven doing whatever He wants to do”.  He is not limited in any way.  He sits on His throne and rules as He wishes, when He wishes, how He wishes.  God’s glory shines brightly.

 The psalmist contrasts God with the gods that man makes or worships.  Those gods are “metal and wood, handmade in a basement shop”.  They are manufactured by man and have no power.  They can do nothing.  The writer points it out this way:

–       “Mouths that cannot talk

–       Eyes than cannot see

–       Ears that cannot hear

–       Noses that cannot smell

–       Hands than can’t grasp

–       Feet that can’t walk

–       Throats that never utter a sound

The gods that man make are all show and no go – they can’t do anything.  Yet we get pulled into worshiping these gods.  We allow things of this world to draw us away from the true God – the Creator and Master of the universe.  We allow stuff to replace God.  Stuff created in the basement that can’t do squat.  We need to “trust in God…trust your Helper….trust your Ruler”.  There is only one True God.  We can’t allow imitations to get in the way.  We need to worship Him and watch for His glory.  That is the reality!

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