Psalm 112

Psalm 112 tells us what a “blessed man….blessed woman” looks like.  The psalmist gives us a couple characteristics that describe these people that are blessed by God.  He tells us they:

–       “Fear God

–       Cherish and relish His commandments

–       Generosity never runs dry

–       Lends lavishly

–       Heart ready

–       Trusting in God

–       Spirit firm

–       Unperturbed

–       Relaxed among enemies

Pretty important learning here.  The psalmist gives us some attributes that describe the kind of people God blesses.  A healthy fear of God is core as we have seen over and over.  Being in His Word and living by it through cherishing and relishing His truth helps us walk where God wants us to be.  As we understand that everything we have is His we are willing to give it away to those in need as He directs.  We have faith that allows us to trust Him and be ready for His direction – we are ready and firm and not swayed by anything around us because we know God is in control.  We can be this kind of person.  Nothing on this list is impossible by any stretch.  It is not easy – not normal in our culture today – but certainly something we can achieve with some focus and effort.  We basically just need to walk with God.

 So what else happens when we to beside blessing, as if that is not motivation enough.  Our psalmist tells us the blessed man or woman also has these characteristics:

–       “Their houses brim with wealth

–       Sunrise breaks through the darkness

–       No shuffling or stumbling around

–       Sterling and solid and lasting reputation

–       Honored life

–       Beautiful life

Wow – what a wonderful set of outcomes from living in God’s blessing.  We are warned that there will be attacks of rumor and gossip and rage from the wicked, but if we are blessed by God it “blusters away….ends up speechless”.  A blessed man or woman is living in the very presence of God who will be there to protect and take care of things.  That doesn’t mean there are no challenges – it doesn’t mean life is going to be perfect from our perspective.  It does mean that God is in control and will guide us through.  We have a God who loves us, wants to bless us, and will do so if we will just put Him in His rightful place in our lives and let Him truly be our God.  It isn’t too much to ask – to give Him control.  He is far better equipped than we are.  He knows all, sees all, created all, and wrote the story.  We simply can see one moment at a time.  Oh the blessing when we figure that out and let Him have the wheel!

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