Psalm 111

Psalm 111 is a very powerful chapter that really tells us so much about our God, and the psalmist’s relationship with Him.  A key learning comes from the summary the chapter ends with: “The good life begins in the fear of God – Do that and you’ll know the blessing of God”.  So we want to be blessed?  We need to learn how to fear God.  Does that mean to be afraid of God?  That could be part of it, but even that fear is not because God is mean or punishing, but because of the realization that God is who He is.  The fear of God means we recognize Him as Creator, as all powerful, as worthy of all our praise.  We come to understand that He is in control, He is the Master of the Universe, He makes things happen.  We know Him as judge and also love.  We need to learn to fear God.  So how does our writer describe his relationship with God?  Very personally – “I give thanks to God with everything I’ve got”.  God is looking for folks who are all in – who pour all they are into the relationship.  Being a Christ Follower is not a part time gig.  It isn’t a Sunday morning event.  Living for Jesus is 24X7X365 – all 168 hours of the week – it is a lifestyle that happens constantly. It requires all we are all the time.  Why does that make sense?  “God’s works are so great, worth a lifetime of study – endless enjoyment”.  God is that awesome.  That is why it makes sense.  We can spend until eternity comes studying God and never run out of things to learn.  He is that vast and awesome.   So the reality is we need to get started.  We need to get to know Him now.

 Our psalmist goes on to list a whole series of things about God that make Him great and worthy to be feared.  Check all these out:

  1. Splendor and beauty mark His craft
  2. His generosity never gives out
  3. His miracles are His memorial
  4. He gave food to those who fear Him
  5. He remembered to keep His ancient promise
  6. He proved to His people that He could do what He said
  7. He manufactures truth and justice
  8. He paid the ransom for His people
  9. He ordered the covenant kept forever
  10. He’s so personal and holy
  11. He’s worthy of our respect

Can you say wow?  Wanna know why we should be in deep relationship with God?  That is quite a list.  He is unbelievable and amazing.  And He wants to be our God – personal and deeply engaged in our lives.  Do you fear Him – not be afraid – but fear Him because of the list of things that make Him who He is?  That is the foundation of a good life and the secret to His blessing.  It is about the relationship.  If you aren’t there – get there – and do it today!

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