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Psalm 110

Psalm 110 is written by David and is sometimes refered to as David’s creed.  It refers to Jesus Christ and gives us a picture of what His coming was to be.  Jesus does “sit alongside Me here on My throne”.  He was with God from the beginning and has been part of all things since Creation.  Jesus and the Father are one.  “You were forged a strong scepter by God” refers to not only Jesus being, but also the power of His Words.  Scripture tells us elsewhere that the Word is stronger than any two edged sword.  That is the reality of Jesus and His life.  He came and embodied the very power of God in the form of a human.  David continues to write and tell us that Jesus will rule even though surrounded by enemies.  God sends His Son to save mankind, and the response is to treat Him poorly until the point of killing Him.  Yet even through all that Jesus ruled and rules.  He was and still is in complete control.   We must not lose sight of that truth. Jesus reigns.  He is alive and in charge.  Whether it seems that way or it feels like it doesn’t change truth.  Truth is not dependent on my seeing or accepting it.  Gravity happens whether I think I will fall if I jump off a building or not.  Jesus is on the throne and ruling whether I know it, admit it or believe it.  Truth is truth without regard to what we think.  It just is.

God gave His word and won’t take it back”.  We don’t have to wonder if God will change His mind.  He doesn’t.  What He said is truth and it will be.  He never changes direction.  He won’t be changing His purpose and there is no plan B.  God is focused on reaching a lost world through His Son.  Jesus is the way – the only way – for us to deal with our sin problem.  “The Lord stands true at your side”.  Jesus is at our side.  He will be there to help us deal with the struggles of life.  David tells us he will help us with “crushing kings….bringing judgment…..handing out convictions…..crushing opposition”.  God is not going to leave us struggle along on our own.  He will be there to help us overcome.  He will provide us the means to live victorious.  This is all part of his plan.  “The King-Maker put his King on the throne; the True King rules with head held high”!  God has a master plan – a story – His Story – and Jesus is the main character.  While David never met the Messiah on earth, he certainly wrote about His coming and set the stage for life after He came.  Jesus is the King.  He is on the throne.  He is in control.  He came to set us free from sin but also to give us victory in life.  Have you found Him as your Savior?  He is waiting to come into your life and set you free!

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