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Psalm 109

David is having another tough spot in life here in Psalm 109.  Life is tough and he is calling out to God for help.  “I loved them and now they slander me….they return my good with evil….they return my love with hate”.  Life is not fair and David makes it clear it certainly isn’t for him right now.  The reality is that we are all going to go through some rough patches in life.  Walking with God doesn’t mean we don’t have to struggle.  It doesn’t mean that everyone will always treat us well, or that things will turn out the way we hope and dream.  Being a Christ Follower doesn’t give us assurance that we won’t have really tough days, or years for that matter.  David’s story here is reality for many who walk with Jesus.  Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to.  Bad things happen to really good people, Christ following people, and we can’t always understand why.  Scripture does assure us that all things work together for good, but all things don’t always seem good.  David is in that patch.  Those whom he has loved and treated well are turning against him and making his life miserable.  They are just being a royal pain.  So walking with God doesn’t guarantee anything going our way…..

But it does mean that we will never have to go it alone.  God is there, even in the midst of our struggles and battles.  He never leaves nor forsakes us.  He has promised that.  And David knows that here too.  He calls out to God:  “Oh, God, my Lord, step in; work a miracle for me… me through your wonderful love”.  David calls on God with full knowledge and expectation that God is not only listening, but that God will take action.  David knows he is not fighting this alone.  That God is on his side and will come to his aid.  But here is a key point to David’s request.  David does not call for God to help him so he can get his own way.  Pay attention to what he says here in his request: “Then they’ll know that your hand is in this, that you, God, have been at work”.  David calls for God to get involved so God can be glorified.  Motive matters!  Too often our cries for help are all about getting our own way.  It is all about me, not about giving God the glory.  And people think God doesn’t listen and respond.  God isn’t interested in being your personal genie that comes running when you cry out and want it your way.  That isn’t how this works.  God wants to bless you so you can point the world to Him and give Him the credit and praise and glory.  This is not about David getting things his way.  It is about God coming to his rescue when the odds were overwhelmingly against him so he could give God the glory.  “My mouth’s full of great praise for God”.  This is all about Him, not about David and his needs.  We get it all wrong so often.  We think the world revolves around our problems and issues.  It doesn’t and never will.  We need to learn that life is a way for us to show the world that God loves us and we need to point everyone to God’s power at work in us and through our circumstances.  I am not the center of the universe.  Life does not revolve around me.  My cry to God has to be to point everyone to the reality that He alone is the center of the universe and worthy of our praise.  If we get that part right, we too will experience the relationship with the Father the way that David did.  Is God center of your life?  If not, make it so today!

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