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Psalm 105

Psalm 105 is a history lesson of God’s faithfulness.  But before we get to that, it begins with a recognition of who God is and what He is worthy of.  We are told to “tell everyone you meet what He has done”.  There we go again – being told to remember and go tell it.  We are given a list of ways to do that here as well:

–       “Thank God

–       Pray to Him

–       Sing Him songs

–       Belt out hymns

–       Translate His wonder into music

–       Honor His holy name

–       Live a happy life

–       Keep your eyes open …. Watch for His works

–       Be alert for signs of His presence

–       Remember the world of wonders

We need to tell everyone about God.  He has done much in our lives, and we need to notice, remember and share it.  But the psalmist does more than give us direction on how to tell.  He demonstrates it with a history lesson by remembering what God has done for His people.  So most of this chapter recalls the way God’s people were treated in Egypt.  Check out some of the key points.

 “And He remembers, remembers His Covenant”.  God never forgets.  He had a covenant with His people that was put in place with Abraham and God took a bunch of action “all because He remembered His Covenant, His promise to Abraham”.  God gets it.  He remembers everything.  He had a plan for His people even when they had no idea what was happening.  This is where recording and journaling is so important.  Often going through life day by day we don’t see God’s hand clearly.  We are too close to things to be able to notice His bigger Story.  We are in the middle of the chaos so we can’t see the big picture.  If we are keeping track of the little things along the way, there comes a point when we see the bigger things.  “He sent a man ahead, Joseph, who was sold as a slave”.  I assure you that at the time Joseph didn’t really see the big picture.  When his brothers dropped him in the well and then sold him as a slave – it didn’t seem like he was on his way to serving God.  But in God’s time He “put him in charge of all Pharaoh’s business”.  Did you see that one coming when Joseph was sold into slavery?  I sure didn’t.  Seemed like he was toast to me.  But God had a plan.  A bit later, after 10 plagues on the Pharaoh, God “led Israel out, their arms filled with loot, and not one among His tribes even stumbled”.  It wasn’t quite this smooth when you read the details, but the result was that God took His people and set them free.  They left and were taken after a bit of a wait into the Promised Land.  God had a plan.  God remembered what He promised.  Why did He do what He did?  “So they could do everything He told them – could follow His instructions to the letter”.  God is always focused on our obedience.  He is always training us up to be godly and holy.  That means we do what we have been instructed.  We need to know His Word – we need to listen to His still soft voice – we need to hear from Him and obey.  That is the bottom line.  Are you walking in obedience and remembering what He is up to?

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