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Psalm 97

Psalm 97 begins with a truth we all need to recognize and embrace:  “God rules: there’s something to shout over”.  God is in control.  Not just loose control – He is in total control.  The psalmist tells us that “clouds circle… blazes……lightnings light up……earth trembles……mountains melt…..heavens announce…..everyone will see”.  Creation certainly knows that God rules.  How come we struggle so much as humans to understand it?  Why do we insist on trying to be in control?  That is a crazy notion we have – that we actually are in control of anything.  God created it all at the beginning and has been in charge ever since and will be until time ends.  So where in that picture do we come up with any inkling that we actually are sitting in the driver seat?  We shouldn’t – it doesn’t exist – He alone is running the show. 

The chapter goes on to describe what that looks like: “Right and justice anchor His rule”.  God’s character is what guides the way He rules His creation.  He is consistent – the same yesterday, today and forever – which is good news for us because God is very predictable.  We can learn how He will rule by reading His Word and understanding whom He is.  He is a very principled God – one that is consistent moment by moment and day by day.  “God loves all who hate evil….and those who love Him He keeps safe”.  How is that for a promise and truth?  God resists evil and will bless those who love Him and walk in goodness.  It is a pretty simple formula actually.  If we love God and walk in obedience to His truth – we will be blessed and kept safe.  If we choose evil and disobedience – well the outcome is not so good.  We need to focus on walking in His steps.  We need to be obedient to His direction – which He was good enough to write for us in His Word.  And knowing these things – our lives should be filled with joy as we “shout praise…..give thanks to our Holy God”.  Are you living the good life in God’s presence through obedience?  God’s desire is to be able to pour His love and safety on us as we walk with Him.  Don’t miss that by trying to run your life your way on your own.  Get under His protection and put Him at the wheel!

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